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wabi hosts byetone / drake underground, toronto / april 28th

Last night, wabi presented Byetone, one of Europe's leading minimal electronica imprints. He performed a brand new live set for his rare North American appearance. Byetone combines digital music with synchronized future tech geometric visuals to create a precise and mesmerizing audio / visual experience. His set was filled with rumbling and hissing drones, swooping tones, glitches and dominate techno rhythms. The last 30 minutes of his set was absolutely mind blowing and only left the audience wanting more.

off the international radar / drake underground, toronto / april 25th

On Tuesday, Off the International Radar packed the Drake Underground with the launch of their 2006 vinyl release. The boys, Aaron Dawson, Henry Sansom, Don Kennedy and a new additional member on guitar performed beautiful high-powered fuzzy drone rhythms equalling their best live performance to date. Get their hand-printed lp at rotate this.
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jamie lidell / lee's palace, toronto / april 21st

Jamie Lidell is a brilliant maniac. He transformed / remixed all his soulful Multiply album tracks live and blew us away with improve techno. It was definitely one of the best live shows ever. His playful stage presence is something that can not me missed.

"He was very impressive live. Amazing voice and the beatboxing improv was mind blowing. He'd build entire tracks from looping and layering his voice and a few moog and micron synth lines. His obvious skill alone worked the crowd into a frenzy. I've never scene such an impressive performance by an 'electronic' musician."


uusitalo / tulenkantaja / huume

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out may 12th

I'd like to thank Rozenn in France for her support.
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keith fullerton whitman / lisbon / kranky

Keith Fullerton Whitman toured Europe in late 2005, melding his guitar work to a series of gradual electronic permutations, he was rapidly refining and expanding certain areas of sound. As his testimony claims, one night in Lisbon it all came together. At 41 minutes in a single track, this bears more than structural similarities to Christian Fennesz's Live in Japan cd from a few years back. The guitar is there as foundation, but it quickly has every characteristic turned inside out. The first third of this set is gorgeous pure toned bliss, crafting and elucidating the shape with gentle movements. As it evolves, the sound gradually expands to a lovely crescendo of fuzz and bass. Thanks to my friend Bart for introducing me to this skilled artist.
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listen: excerpt one
listen: excerpt two
listen: excerpt three

magda / club le triptyque / 08.10.05



thanks to jellokoko for designing the invite


glissandro 70 / glissandro 70 / constellation

Today I fell in love with the fabulous Glissandro 70 debut. Glissandro 70 is a project that started with the creation of a track for an audio weblog. Late in 2003, Craig Dunsmuir (Guitarkestra) teamed up with Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo) and created the long-form "Somethings" for the excellent Muted Tones project, which is available for download from the site. The self-titled Glissandro 70 debut is a collection of five repetitive minimal guitar compositions that build with looping chants and funky disco beats that can't help but make me smile everytime. Summer may not be here yet, but this album celebrates warmth. Here's an excellent article in the eye that can tell you more. It's the best $10 I've ever spent. Highly Recommended!
listen: glissandro / analogue shantytown mp3
listen: glissandro / bolan muppets mp3